Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 5th Update

Ok I am not sure how much longer I can go on with this, we are getting very anxious to have Justin here already.  I am 37 weeks now and getting puffy and swollen and uncomfortable most of the time.
I thought I was going to make it through without any swelling, but it has come on big time.
Mostly in the morning in my face and hands, but then as the day goes by, I start getting it in my legs and ankles.  I try to put up my feet as much as possible, but I guess it's just going to be this way.
I am watching my blood pressure with the swelling because I know that could be an issue, but everything is normal there.  I just finally look like I'm pregnant in my face.

I've been having some days wear the contractions are much stronger and happen about every hour that are almost unbearable.  They started with flu like symptoms, which I hear is part of the being stages.  They can make me sick to my stomach.  All I have been able to do for it is drink lots of water and take a Tylenol.  Then the next day I am fine.  If this is the beginning stages, let's go already!

Today at my doctor's appointment my mom went with me so she could meet the doctor and hear the heartbeat.  Nothing new again, not dilated or effaced. My last appointment on 10/28th, he was where he is supposed to be.  I was hoping I would be a little dialated, but no. His head is low and putting a lot of pressure on my pelvis and I feel him more in my hips.

I am relieved that today I am officially off work.  I photographed my last executive this morning, well for now at least. No more actual photo shoots, maybe some networking to keep up appearances - but that's it for at least until January.  We'll see......
Eric's job prospect didn't come through so we are back to where we were, no insurance and one small income.  He's got some other things he's working on that could come through, so it's not all bad.

October 25th was the baby shower, and what a blast it was!  Laura and Valerie really came through and hosted a fantastic shower and we had a great turnout.  Many came from out of town including my friend Jenny from Houston and my Dad and Karma, which was a big surprise.  Most of Eric's family from Texarkana came which was very nice- I know they had to leave early to get there on time.  It was so good to have everyone there, it was special to see how everyone is so happy for us and to be so generous.

We got some great stuff, Justin is going to have an awesome start.  Can't wait to see how he looks in the outfits!

For now I guess we just get packed and wait.......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 15th update

I've been meaning to update for a while now.  I've started going to the doctor every two weeks now so updating gets a closer together. This update with combine by last two appts.

I got a little sick last week, I think just a cold, but I did get the flu shot so I have heard that that can give you some symptoms.  It wiped me out though, I didn't feel like doing anything.
All better now though, I actually am feeling really good these days.

 There is good news from my last appointment, we did a sono to see if the placenta had moved into a better position and it has!!!!!! 
That means no c-section!!  (For that reason anyway, there could be anything that could happen to cause an emergency c-section).
With no insurance and paying out of pocket, that was really great news for us, a few less dollars we would have to come up with before delivery.  Everything not normal in the delivery is extra $$$, so we didn't want to have a c-section unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, the sono also told us that Justin may be an 8 + pounder by the time he gets here. That was October 1st and they said he weighs about 5 lbs already.  He is expected to gain a half a pound every week from now on.  I can definitely feel him packing it on too.  I am feeling the weight more than ever now and his movements are more defined and stronger.   Sometimes it can look like an alien moving around in my belly, but I love feeing him and Eric and I are entertained by watching him and wondering what he is doing in there.

We have started going to our Childbirth and Safety classes at the hospital where we've learned how to give Justin CPR if he needs it, hopefully not.  We also learned how we should care of his umbilical cord and circumcision when we bring him home, which we never thought about before.  Also, I have never given a baby a bath and we learned how to do that. All things that will surely make things not such a shock when he gets here.
In the Childbirth classes, we've only been to one so far, but I am sure it will help get us both ready for the big day.  Even though I am sure the doctors and nurses will help us, we will know what to expect and to make it not such a scary experience. 
The closer we get to the due date, the more I think about how it is going to be and how I can make it as easy on me as possibly,  Eric too. 
I will be getting all of the drugs they'll give me, believe me, but the more I learn about how it's going to be, the more comfortable I am feeling about it.  We've got a lot more to learn.

Speaking of learning, I don't think I've mentioned that I have started taking classes at the Dallas and Collin County Community Colleges.  Just Continuing Education right now, but definitely something I could add to my resume.  I am adding Graphic Design to my photography skills to either find a  job where I can do both or to offer design with my photography business. They go well together so I thought it would be a  good idea to get more skills in my "tool box" and see where it takes me.  Basically I am learning software right now, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.  Combined with the Photoshop I already know, I could be very good at it.  I am sure you'll be seeing some of the work I will be able to do, I will be showing it off some how.

Eric has been interviewing with a company for a new and better job.  It will be in the same field, financial advising, but with a better company with more support and more pay.  We have been struggling with this issue and are hoping that this is what will solve our problems.
There is a possibility that insurance could kick in just in time for delivery, and that would be wonderful.  I won't get my hopes up yet.  The higher pay alone is going to help, but we need the insurance badly to really get off to a good start. We deserve it!!!!  Something good needs to happen.  I am thinking that maybe by writing it it will come true...?

We did some Maternity portraits last weekend, just Eric and I, it was so funny. It was kinda difficult with me being the photographer, I had to get up and make sure each of the poses were what I wanted and not too much showing. Some were immediately deleted. Then when we changed poses and lighting, it would start all over again; get up- get back into pose.
I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not to show everyone, so I won't post them here. I am pretty exposed in them, you can't see anything really but I wouldn't want them on the internet I don't think.
So if you are interested let me know and I'll show them to you.

I'll leave off with that..... until next time.  I'll be 36 weeks when I post again.
Getting close!!! I am so ready.
Mom says it looks like he's dropped a little so maybe we're on our way.?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 20th Update

Ok, so we got the 3D sono gram done this past week and WOW, how amazing this is!
Look at Justin!

It's a little long so enjoy the baby music, but try not to fall asleep.

Here's a cute pic from the session too.

We thought we saw him open his eyes at one point but we couldn't really tell.

Who do you think he looks like? He's got cute lips and a cute little nose.
I don't know but I think he's gonna be cute!!!!!!

This just makes us even more anxious for the big day to arrive, and we still have a ways to go.
Not long though about 10wks, hopefully he wants to come early, that would be fine with me.
It makes the fact that I weigh more or the same as most guys I know and my waist is a 42.5
a little bit more tolerable. I guess there is still more growing to do.

I have my next Dr.visit on Oct 1st where we will do another sono to see how things are technically looking in there, so I'll let you know more then.

Emily, Eric's sister, had her baby this weekend, Laila Faith. On the 18th .She is so precious!
We are so happy that she's here: Uncle Eric and Aunt Jennifer!

(boy I need a make over)

Here are the proud ( and tired) parents> Greg and Emily

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th Update

Eric here.

Jennifer asked me to do a post and I thought it sounded like a good idea.
This is my first time and I’m not sure what to say, but let’s find out.
I’ve had fun lately watching Justin getting bigger. I always knew that Jennifer would be one of those women who would be just as beautiful when pregnant as she is when she’s not…and I was right! She thinks she has gained more weight than she’s supposed to, but I don’t think so.
We went to church this recently to see a friend be ordained in the priesthood and while we were there, Jennifer suddenly jumped. I quickly put my hand on her belly and felt Justin wiggling around…more so than I had felt to that point! It was so cool! We think it was his knee and foot that we felt. The pews in our church are pretty uncomfortable, so maybe he was trying to find a better lounging position! I’ve always been told that I was a wiggly baby, and I guess I passed on that trait.
I’m starting to get pretty excited about doing all the “guy” things that Justin and I will get to enjoy. This is opening weekend of football season, and it makes really look forward to sitting in my chair and holding him while we watch the Cowboys together. I’ll have to keep my emotions in check though, so I don’t accidentally drop him when there's an interception! I’m sure he’ll get pretty mad about it, too! I also can’t wait to take him up to Roaring River in Missouri. It’s the perfect place to teach kid’s how to fly fish and it’s also where Paw Paw (Mom’s dad) used to go. I always think about him when I’m there and it’ll be great to pass that connection on to Justin.
I’m also really excited about meeting Laila for the first time…hopefully next week! And, I can’t wait to introduce her and Justin. I’m sure they’ll the best cousins!
We’re pretty well done with his room, except for a few touchups. Jennifer and I have worked together on it quite a bit and we haven’t really argued once! That’s very unusual for us when we’re working on a project together. Usually, we have to take turns working on it so that we can continue to live in the same house. But not this time. I guess it’s because we’re both so excited about the purpose of our work.
I guess that’s about it for now.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Aug. 27th Update

ok. So to update you on the doctor visit, I had a glucose screening to see if my body is metabolizing glucose properly, or whatever it's supposed to be doing, and it is- so everything is good there. I am sure they tested for other stuff but there was nothing negative that they had to tell me about.
With doing another sono, we got to see Justin again! He looks a little different than last time, more fat on so we can see him better, and he's much bigger. His weight is 2 lbs 14 oz. !
We won't talk about my weight, although, with my exercise, I was able to keep it normal this time, I only gained 4lbs.
Anway, He was so cute . We got to see him do a big yawn- it was cool to see! We must have been disturbing his sleep because he had his hand over his face, just like his daddy sleeps. Everything looks fine with him.

Now as for the placenta, it hadn't moved much away from my cervix to be considered even in the "gray area" of being ok for normal delivery. But she still says that if it moves just 3-4 cm, we should be fine, and as my uterus grows, it could grow up and out of harms way.
So it's still up in the air and she'll want to do another sono next time, but I may ask to see if we can wait until the next appt. so we can 1.) save the money 2.) let it move even more if it's going to move. I think it's on 9/24th, then I'll be 31 weeks.
She did put me on some restrictions and to start taking it easy, which I think my body is doing that for me. I am getting tired easier now when I try to do stuff, and just carrying around the weight is a chore. So I guess we'll still have to wait to see how things progress.
I wish I could just know: c-section or not.

Anyway here are some more pics:
(I didn't know Eric was taking this, my hair is pretty.)
My Mom and I are going through some clothes that we got from one of Eric's friends.
They had a boy in the month of October so the sizes and seasons match up pretty cloth to when Justin will need them. They gave us clothes from newborn to 24 months.
We are so grateful to them it will really help out to have a selection of clothes already.
It was fun to wash them and put them in the drawers, which are full now.

08.16-Here we are with Eric's niece and nephew after a weekend at the zoo and swimmin'. They had a blast, we do too and the long nap was great after it was all over. They wore us out! But it was so good to have them here.

The room is pretty much done, we still have some finishing touches: ( I promised much better pics, here are some pretty good ones)
Here I am in Justin's room 08.04.09

Here I am one day after work, 09.04.09. I was kind of dressed up so I had Eric take a decent pic of me for a change.

Next post, I think I will have Eric add something. I think it would be nice to here his perspective.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Registery

Babies"R"Us - Baby Registry

Target Registry

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31 Update

Justin is a very active fellow these days. Or it may be just that he is getting bigger and stronger that I feel him more. Not just the little flutter that feels like gas, I still get those too.

I can actually feel him moving around and sometimes he gets the hiccups.

Eric wonders how they can get the hiccups when there's no air in there. 

I don't know, it's all very weird.

We watch him jump around at night, Eric likes to watch or feel him moving.

I've read that he's the size of a letter envelope right now.  I'll wait for everyone to go get an envelope to look and see....

Isn't that amazing?

At this month's checkup it was fairly boring nothing like when we got the sonogram last month.

But we did get some interesting news from the doctor she didn't tell us last time.

My placenta was kind of low next to my cervix which could be dangerous and birth causing us to move to a c-section. She said it wasn't really anything to worry about but next month she wants to do another sono to see if it has moved.  Then we can talk about options at that point but she says most of the time it corrects it self, but she just wants to make sure.

So we get to see Justin again!!!

Also she wants me to start exercising more, to counter act the calories I'm putting in.  I've already gained 20 lbs. and I have a ways to go still.  I gained 7 lbs since last time.  

It's only supposed to be 1 lbs a week.  Maybe too much ice cream?  Or not exercising?

It's not too bad but before it gets out of hand she wants me to at least walk everyday for 30mins.  I try to do that now but it is so hot and every other excuse I can think of.

But I am going to start going to the gym at the city rec. center to do the elliptical or treadmill, 

that way I will have no excuse but time to do it.

Also, she is going to do a glucose screening to determined whether my body is metabolizing glucose.  If not that could be a factor of my weight gain which could lead to diabetes later in pregnancy.  I don't want that, so will see later this month when I have my next appt.

July 25th we started the painting, it began with removing the painting popcorn on the ceiling to update it a bit.We intend to do the entire house but will go one room at a time. 

 What a pain when it's painted!!


We also are texturing the walls.

Then we selected the colors based on the bedding we are going to be getting.  Here's the valance from the set.

OH yeah! Half way into priming and painting ( 7/27)  I was gathering paint rollers and brushed from the garage and didn't clear the door all the way and stubbed the #?!{$%  out of my pinkie toe. 

I think I actually dislocated it or maybe even fractured it somewhere in the little knuckles.

I have never stubbed a toe like this before, I wanted to cry and felt a little sick to my stomach.

It quickly started to swell and turned blue later that afternoon. 

Don't be shocked it has alway been ugly, just look at the colors and swelling.

It has returned to a normal color now (7/31), but it's very sore. Wearing shoes is a pain.  Hopefully it heals properly.

But the painting must go on!!  In case you are wondering about all those paint fumes, 

Yes I do wear a mask.

Hear are some pics of our progress, hopefully we'll be done soon.

Can you see the texture?